Van Life Cooking Christmas Dinner! Van Life Europe Part 12

Welcome to our VanLife Europe Christmas episode! After our failed attempt at Christmas in our van back in 2014 (watch the video here: we were super excited to finally be spending Christmas in our lovely van by the ocean with our friend Rich who kindly let us cook in his amazing van (watch the tour here:

Hope all our lovely viewers had a wonderful Christmas!

↠ Filmed on Sony RX100 MV:
↠ Vlogging tripod:
↠ Canon 6D:

Rich’s Channel:

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  1. Hey you too and thanks for the great video. So nice to have an insight into your Christmas Day. They view was fab from your van and great effort with the cooking. Looking forward to the next one. Rod.

  2. This was so beautiful to watch again 😁 makes me excited for Christmas again ❤️ it’s nice to see how different Christmas can be for others and it’s nice to see it from a van life side of things 😄

  3. Those oranges!! 🍊 🍊 🍊 I do miss my daily dose of fresh-squeezed Portuguese orange juice. Your Christmas supper looked delicious! Merry Christmas 🎄 😉

  4. Just had a binge watch on your channel. It’s been so long as I just haven’t had a chance lately. So pleased for you guys I owe you some thanks too as you were the final shove to get me to build my camper.

    I have been subbed and watching for many years and will continue for many years more. Congratulations on the land. As soon as I get my finances sorted out I will become a patreon and support you 🙏🏼💚

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