Typical Breakfast on hCG Diet Phase 2

http://gabrieljoseph.com/my-typical-hcg-diet-phase-2-breakfast – So you want to know what a typical hCG diet phase 2 meal looks like? Well, here you go.

The hCG Diet (the part of the diet that actually consists of food and calorie intake) is known as a VLCD, or Very Low Calorie Diet, and consists of two meals per day for a total caloric intake of ~500 calories. So basically each meal is approximately 220 – 230 calories each with a fruit in the morning or with lunch and a fruit with dinner or as a snack an hour after dinner.

Here are basic guidelines of how you put your meals together:


Water, Tea, Black Coffee, no cream – unlimited amount
Grapefruit – 1 serving, mid morning


Vegetables – 2 servings, 2x a day
Fruits – 1 serving, 2x a day
Meat – 3.5oz lean meat, 2x a day
Cracker – 1 serving, 2x a day
Lemon Juice – juice of one lemon per day

I’m no expert but I think of myself as a relatively intelligent person who can follow directions pretty well. All I did was print off a couple of worksheets from a hCG diet ebook that I got when I ordered the hCG and started filling them in. First was the weekly meal meal planner, than I took initial measurements and wrote down my goals that I hope to accomplish on the diet, then I executed and recorded my plan. Pretty simple…

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  1. I would say if I drank that much water and had only grapefruit for breakfast
    I’m almost 99.9 % sure I can lose the weight, without hcg. .. this is some of the things I eat. instead of a grapefruit. sausage egg and cheese biscuit, tall glass of milk and another tall glass of Orange juice and out the door with another tall glass of coffee. I think alot of folks might eat this way. If I just drink water and grapefruit for breakfast, I would never need to inject or droplets of hcg. save money, just cut out the fats in your diet folks… water , grapefruit. there ya go !

  2. Good tips Joseph, I just started taking the injections and I need to keep focus because I started this program during the holidays, this will be a challenge for me Turkey day! the biggest feast of the season. Not sure what I’m going to do, so if anyone has any advise, I’m all ears…..LOL

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  4. My instructions said 2liters of water which is a little over 2 quarts and a bit more 🙂 so 2 gallons is where were you told that thanks dear for the video

  5. O.0 but I have to have breakfast or I’ll faint, expecially on such low-cal plan w/ a chance of that being a side effect. I am prone to lightheadedness…

  6. I loved my HcG and went from 190lbs to 140ish pounds in 2 rounds.  LOVED it.  I wish I’d known about more recipes than the booklet I received with my HcG drops from my chiropractor.

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  10. Hello, I like what you being telling about this diet,but my question is at what time in the afternoon or night you eat dinner. I dont know if I am eating too early or too late, thanks have a good day

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