Turkey Breakfast Sausage Patties Recipe – Easy, Quick, & Flavorful

Get recipe: http://divascancook.com/turkey-breakfast-sausage-patties-recipe/

You’ll want to load up your freezer with these yummy turkey breakfast sausage patties because they are that yummy. Breakfast sausage made from scratch is always the best and this recipe is so easy and quick.

I love that ingredients are so pure; turkey & spices. None of that high sodium, msg, by products and other crap that’s loaded into store bought turkey breakfast sausages.

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  1. Do you receive checks from Google for your videos? I am interested in starting a channel about cooking as well, but I also want to make money of course lol.

  2. OMG I’m so glad I found this recipe! I live in Mexico and they don’t sell breakfast sausage here which I miss to death! I will definitely try your recipe. Thank you you

  3. Thanks Monique. I will try the ingredients with ground chicken to make chicken patties that taste just like the expensive ones that are sold at Costco. Two Thumbs Up!

  4. This is sooooo helpful for me and my family becouse we don’t eat pork and I like to eat eggs and sousige in the morning but I can’t all the time so the😁😁

  5. Was very good! I made them this morning for breakfast. Helped me with turkey meat since I’m not so crazy about it in the first place, but wanted to incorporate it into my healthier eating habits.

  6. I love your recipe! . I won’t buy turkey sausage again because I needed a salt free turkey sausage for breakfast. It taste so much better made by my hands. We eat ground turkey in just about everything. Thanks again, for another great recipe.

  7. Miss Diva ! I seriously learn majority of my recipes from you. I recently cooked your turkey burgers which were AMAZING & when I looked for a turkey sausage recipe.. I came across yours. I found out you had pages and not I’m in love with all the recipes I’ve looked at. This is the best channel. I’m actually portioning my meals now and eating healthier. So your recipes is a mixture of healthy foods as well 🙂 Love it! I definitely admire what you do.

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