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a scot and a yank try some vegan treats in new zealand.
promise my videos will get better, just gotta show you all this random footage (:



  1. omg omg omg i just found your channel bc of your comment on a freyahaley video and i Am frEakIng oUt because everything is perfect about you, from thrift shop videos to vegan travel goodness and THIS SCOTTISH HUNK GOOD GRACE I HAVE HAD AN OBSESSION WITH SCOTTISH MEN FOR CENTURIES what is all of this even. its the morning after my final exams and the universe has gifted me these videos

  2. Hey hey I live in wellington and am vegan 🙂 you should go to Midnight Espresso on Cuba St, and Boquita, which is a pretty new mexican vegan restaurant! Both sooo good <3

  3. dude! i was in wellington for the TOP concert and you walked past me, i didn’t want to annoy you so i didn’t say hi, i wish i did thoughhhh.

  4. Jelly is a friggin food bully lmao Keeps the bigger piece, takes the cookie with most chocolate. Fights for the yummy middle and all the sauce 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bad at sharing bruh

  5. FYI I am a literal geography nerd and I am completely aware that New Zealand is not at all part of Britain. I know it is part of the commonwealth, but I can see how that’s confusing as I mentioned Britain in the video. This is because this was originally part of my previous video but I decided to make this a separate one, so when I talked about British foods I was referring to the video before this one. (:

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