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  1. Actually, miso soup with seaweed is raw. Just let the water cool a bit before adding to the miso paste and seaweed. One of my fav vegan snax in Japan was roasted seaweed with dried umeboshi plum! So freaking good but I could only find it in Tokyo. I couldn’t find it anywhere else in Japan.

  2. Hi. I am Japanese who live in New York. I watched your video for the first time & I enjoyed seeing you eating those Japanese food as you looked so happy & excited!^_^ The only thing is it would have been helpful to mention what each product was called. You know, you were trying some Ochazuke, Furikake, Otsukemono, Osenbei, etc. Oh, by the way, you should not have eaten that large, dried, hard piece of Konbu, as they are used to make a broth!! The one in a small package looked like a Konbu snack (oyatsu). Did it taste sour & salty? If so, it’s called “Sukonbu” which I didn’t like it at all when I was little but I came to LOVE it when I got older!^_^ I LOVE Osenbei, the crispy rice cake which is my favorite snack. There are so many selection with different flavors & shapes! ^_^ I hope you get to visit Japan soon!

  3. My boyfriend and I want to visit Japan but I’m extremely sus about eating at restaurants who don’t claim to be vegan. I plan on cooking a majority of our meals to be safe and save some munds.

  4. I highly recommend you try Japanese Takikomi gohan, mixed rice with whatever ingredients you want. Look it up on youtube and you will find some recipes.
    One of my fav ingredients is a baboo shoot 😀

  5. ビーガン向けには寺院や神社で出される「精進料理」が一番適していると思います。

  6. I’m Japanese and have to say 99% of Japanese are not vegetarian. If you go to any random normal restaurant in Japan it’s impossible to find pure vegetarian full‐course meal. If you want to eat vegan or vegetarian, you need to know beforehand which and where are pure vegetarian restaurants.

  7. WTF? Where’s the carbs? All of those foods are just sea grass and rice. Are potatoes and pasta expensive in japan too? How expensive are fruits there anyways?

  8. I don’t know if you ate miso soup at non vegan restaurants but if you did it is actually made with dashi, which is a granular type of dried fish based extract to make the broth, I went vegan only 4 months ago and I tend to visit there often, I worry because they basically put dashi in most of their dishes ;(

  9. Please do your days in Japan video in English. Wakame and Konbu have good amount of fiber and mineral. They are good for your hair as well as all other body parts.

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