Trailer Park Christmas Chat : Day 17 Trailer Park Christmas 2016

Trailer Park Christmas Revisited : Day 17 Trailer Park Christmas 2016 Join Jolene Sugarbaker in The Rumpus Room for a Chat about the Holidays.

Join Jolene Sugarbaker every day in December from the 1st through the 25th for a Video Recipe, a craft of even a chat direct from the Trailer Park!

Learn how the Trailer Park Celebrates the Holiday! Merry Trailer Park Christmas!

In today’s episode, Join Jolene in her Magical Trailer Park Rumpus Room as she looks back on some of the past days of Trailer Park Christmas 2016 : Learn behind the scenes about the recipes, about the holidays and all about how the Trailer Park Celebrates Christmas!

I love spending the Holidays with you, it’s important for me to check in with you to see how you are doing! What’s going on now for you? Leave a comment!

What’s on your Christmas List? Leave a comment!

What are you planning for Christmas Dinner?

What is your favorite Christmas Decoration?

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  1. You haven’t put a vid up in a long time Jolene. Are you all right? Are you planning 25 days of Trailer Park Christmas this year? I sure hope you are able to do it. Hope you are over the kidney stones by now. My brother passed both of his after using the lithrotriptor.

  2. Jolene I really enjoy your videos especially the Christmas ones and I just wanted to say that I do follow you on Facebook because I enjoy your nature photography as well. Just to let you know yours was the first channel on YouTube that I subscribed to….. ever. Congratulations on all your Awards….you deserve every bit of it for all your hard work …..we appreciate it….. Merry, Merry Christmas ♡

  3. When I can’t use process cheese. I use cream cheese and a softer block cheese like muenster. Not the same, but works in a pinch if you need it. I guess at the quantities of each, but start half and half if you want to try it.

  4. love watching your videos i look forward every day i sometimes stay up just to watch you…. hope your holidays are full of joy and blessings merry Christmas 🎄….

  5. Cat eating tinsel ….. our cats eat da stuff … and the tinsel hanging outta their butts is an interesting statement for the holidays!! And the look on their eyes when we gently pull it out is too funny for words!!!! Good vid Jolene …… Raggy

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