Top Tech Gift Ideas | 2017 Holiday Christmas Season

Best Tech Gift Ideas for this Holiday and Christmas gift giving, hard to find tech gifts for men and women, technology trends such as Nintendo Switch, beats, goPro will be the hard to find gifts of 2017. Make sure you get your Christmas gifts before they are sold out.

Nintendo Switch –
Super Nintendo Classic –
Echo Spot –
All New Echo –
GoPro Hero 5 –
GoPro Hero 6 –
DJI Spark –
Beats Studio 3 –


  1. I was just wondering. I’m either choosing between an xbox one or ps4. I’m I guy tha doesn’t care about specs but what I really care about is hardware. Which of those systems would be better for long play and lasting years without breaking down. Last gen, my ps3 slim lasted 6 years with no troubles and I usually clean it 4-5 months

  2. Who would would buy there kid a 500 $ system for Christmas thats crazy make the kid buy it themselves 😂. This is definitely for the 3% of people who are Rich what about the average consumer? You do notice that most youtubers who have been doing this for awhile and are really good at it have price points for the average consumer not for the super Rich

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