Top 5 Noche Buena Dishes | Filipino Christmas Celebration with Chris Urbano

It’s early Christmas here on Maputing Cooking! Every Filipino Noche Buena must have a lot of dishes with different varieties so everyone from your barangay and relatives can eat. So I crowd sourced your Top 5 Noche Buena Dishes that you like to serve at the dining table.

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  1. “Jolly or Jolli” spaghetti is a new term for me. Despite my extremely long absence from the Phil. it’s still simply called spaghetti. The only difference is hotdog and a pinch of sugar (definitely not brown sugar). I, myself, prefer the Bolognese style. The pineapple helps tenderize the ham. Hawaiians have an identical preparation with their ham. Happy Holidays!!! Cheers.

  2. Pot roast beef for me…medyo matagal nga lang lutuin pero sulit at presentable, basta naka-roll ang sirloin at naka spider net… mga 2 to 3 kilo per piece called (roti) in french.

  3. Filipino fruit salad is reminiscent of American fruit salad of the 1950s where they relied heavily on canned fruit cocktail mix and cream. Makes sense as the US was the last colonizer of the Philippines. Guess it must have stuck. Anyhow, that type of fruit salad is a staple at our noche buena table. Love my mom’s version which uses fresh grated coconut and sharp cheddar cheese.

  4. hi Chris, we’re thinking of going Western this Noche Buena. my fiancee’s making his slow roasted pork brioche marinated in rootbeer and I will be making a cherry reduction sauce. What wine is best paired with this? Salamat!

  5. My family uses the ham bones from Christmas eve for stock during the weeks following Christmas. And we usually have the salty brine-cured Chinese hams rather than the sweetish hams.

  6. Oh wow! Someone who cooks like my dad! My dad was former DFA and a cook that was influenced by worldwide cuisine. Sweet Spaghetti, although we eat it when we’re in jollibee, is a big no in our house. My dad cooks the italian style but with beef giniling. And parmesan cheese. It’s not sweet but whenever we bring it to a party it’s always finished. XD

    And I don’t know about the others but “Fruit Salad” for me is a ‘Dessert’ not a ‘Salad’ just like how Pancake is not ‘Breakfast meal’ but a ‘Sweet’

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