Top 3 Vegan High Protein Foods | Gluten Free | Soy Free | No Supplements

Top 3 foods you won’t believe have this much protein and they are vegan, gluten free and soy free.

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The foods
1.) Split Peas
1 cup = 48g protein

2.) Red Lentils
1 cup = 48g protein

3.) Garbonzo Beans (chickpeas)
1 cup = 40g protein

Also, how to combine vegan foods to get complete protein:
Be sure to combine legumes and beans with seeds or nuts for a complete protein.


  1. Red lentils have a lover calories/gram of protein than 20% fat ground beef has. Ofcours depends on brand and such but the ones i buy, Red lentils 346kcal and 25g protein per 100g. (dry) which comes out to about 127kcal and 9,2 per 100g when cooked. That makes 13.8 calories for each gram of protein.
    The ground beef I use has 260 kcal and 18g protein per 100g, That makes 14,4 calories per gram of protein.
    Keep in mind though that there’s usually som rendering of fat when cooking the beef so depending on if you keep the fat or discard it, this might differ.
    Also to keep in mind, Beef probably have a better protein profile (more different kinds of proteins) So it’s probably better in that sense
    But lentils are cheaper, less saturated fat and better for the enviroment.
    Just something to think about/a tip 🙂

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  3. Nice!! I have to say I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian but I’d like to eat less meat and animal protein for health. And this helped me too much because I was afraid of not to eat enough protein. Thanks!

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