Top 10 Gluten Free Dishes

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For this list, we’re looking at classic dishes that are naturally gluten free when prepared traditionally. That means we’re not interested in recipes that typically contain gluten but have been made gluten free through a variety of ingredient substitutes and nor are we looking at dishes that involve complicated workarounds or specialty ingredients. That being said, everyone adds his or her special touch to any given recipe, so for those of you with serious gluten intolerance, always be sure to double-check with the chef before digging in!

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  1. It’s pretty dumb to say that you should look out for tempura while eating sushi. That’s like saying look out for Caesar salad if you’re allergic to anchovies while eating in your pizza restaurant. It’s kind of obvious and not related to the item that you’re eating.

  2. I’m trying to make some food for a friend with gluten problems. I am not a chef nor do I know how to make all these Asian dishes. Is there some way to make something good but easy like a casserole or lasagna that does not have gluten? This is very interesting but out of my league to make. (for a potluck at church so not a big chef’s kitchen)

  3. Thank you for these delicious recipes! I was recently diagnosed with a gluten allergy after years of struggling with congestion. I’ve been looking for good recipes but there hard to find. Thank you for this! My mother gave me this book and I’ve really enjoyed some of the recipes in here:

    I’m new to the whole gluten free thing. If anyone else has any recipes, please share with me. Thanks!

  4. This is just singling out gluten, but no grasses (wheat, barley, rice or corn) should be eaten by humans, especially not GMO corn! Grasses contain a plethora of proteins that are harmful, as well as opiates, which are why grasses are addictive and keep you eating them instead of becoming satiated.
    And sushi is only an alternative if you want your body riddled with parasites. This video sucks the biggest one.

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