TOMATO EGG PARATHA – Tasty Breakfast Recipe

In my school days, I observed that everybody used to make roti in round shape, except in my home. My mom used to make roti in triangle shape. She is a wonderful home cook. Whatever she cooks, it’s look like something special. I don’t know where she learnt this technique, but it made me feel great and special because all our friends and neighbours used to ask about this special triangle roti. To make the layers in roti, my mom was using rice flour / dry chana dal powder for dusting. And we are continuing making this triangle roti and its loved by our kids too.

Coming to today’s recipe… with this special layered triangle roti, I am preparing a breakfast recipe “Tomato Egg Paratha”. For this first I kneaded soft dough with wheat flour and kept aside for 15 minutes. Later mixed eggs with onion, tomato, red chilly powder, salt, turmeric powder, dhaniya powder, ginger garlic paste and mixed well and kept ready for paratha. Then took the rested dough and made triangle roti and started frying on tawa. Turned to other side and opened one layer of the roti and poured the egg mixture on it and closed the layer. Fried well both sides adding oil. Tasty “Tomato Egg Paratha” got ready to taste.

Please follow the below given step-by-step recipe and watch recipe making video. Its very easy to make. We will be having a very less time to prepare the breakfast for our kids usually. This is the best time saving breakfast recipe and kids will enjoy tasting Tomato Egg Paratha. You can eat it directly or can taste with tomato ketchup. Try it out today and enjoy!


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