Tiramisu: The Authentic Recipe

When we defend our cuisine, we defend our culture.

TIRAMISÙ, undoubtedly the most widely known dolce italiano in the world. For this very reason, it is the most counterfeited as well: Tiramisu could well be the symbol of the unhindered spread of Italian cuisine in the world over the last 30 years. It has been described as heaven in your mouth, but certainly, to help make it famous the relative easiness of its preparation has occured. It’s a dessert that doesn’t need any cooking, if there are packaged savoiardi on hand. It keeps well for a couple of days, it’s served cold, so it’s ideal for the end of the meal. But, as simple as it may be, if you use incorrect ingredients and exceed in creativity in its preparation – serious and all-too-common faults – you will find yourself with a Frankenstein dessert that has nothing to do with the original dish.
(International Day of Italian Cuisines)

More recipe: www.pinsas.com


  1. I have only one problem with this cookery video, which made it very hard to follow in the beginning. And that is, the chef is too distracting… He is very good looking !!! 😀 LoL. I couldn’t keep my eyes on the subtitles !! Hahaah. What is it about hot Italian chefs… 😉

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