Tips and Techniques for Wrapping Holiday Gifts – Martha Stewart

Martha offers beautiful ways to embellish and wrap extra small and large gifts.

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  1. Love the idea of using double sided tape on the wrappings. I’ve used clear tape for so many years. But double sided tape is a cleaner and more professional look. Thanks for the tip.

  2. People laugh because Martha Stewart gave her nephew socks for Christmas, but my stepson LOVES the designer socks that are being sold in the department Stores right now! I know that Rob Kardashian has his own line of socks he sells, lol!

  3. Thank you for the video. Would you happen to know how to wrap or decorate a lollipop? We give round disk lollipops to the paper and mail persons with a bow ribbon, but this year want to give the same to our fave coffee maker, Doctor etc and would like something different. Any ideas? Help much appreciated.

  4. If my multi millionaire aunt only got me a tube of socks for Christmas I’d  ask her if she’s still a convicted felon in front of the whole family.

  5. Martha is attractive because she is intelligent and classy.  Lots of young girls don’t have that.  I feel embarrassed just to see  them dance in my cousin’s wedding…. 

  6. Im 27 but for some reason beyond my control she is attractive to me. I never felt like this with anyone above 35ish. She is 70!!! WTH how is she still hot. 

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