THUG KITCHEN Recipe Review: Healthy Gluten-Free Vegan Burger with Fries!!

Amazing THUG KITCHEN recipe that fits vegan, vegetarian, and most all diets. This gluten free recipe was amazing, I never thought I’d love a veggie burger as much as I do this one!


THUG Kitchen Trailer:


  1. Just to note for all the Plant-Based connoisseurs out there, who are curious about the Vegan Lifestyle…. HONEY mustard is not Vegan…. “Can anyone tell me what animal makes Honey?” (right.) However, there are plenty of Vegan-Alternatives… I believe Those Annoying Vegans are creating Vegan Honey from scratch now(just YouTube their AMAZING channel)… Annie’s comes in a bottle… OR you can just as soon make your own with
    1/4 cup Dijon Mustard, (Grey Poupon)
    1/4 cup Maple Syrup, grade B. (aka- the real shit)
    2 Tbsp Vegenaise, (vegan mayo)

    Thanks for spreading the awareness, and being open to trying it out tho, Macro! (and if you already ARE Vegan/&or using the Animal-Free Honey Mustard……..’LEGEND’)
    Keep on Shinin’ The Light, Either Way


  2. With all of that oil, might as well fry it on a skillet. Just go light on what you put in the pan, and decrease what you use in the recipe.

  3. It’s funny how we are always so surprised when veggie foods taste good haha. But let me tell ya, I went vegan a year ago so all I eat is plant based foods like this and there is SO many delicious recipes to enjoy!!!

  4. I’m  two and a half minutes in already and i’m thinking ‘Jalepno’s are not that hot’ but they do have a nice flavor, I’m a scotch bonnet lover it has a smokey taste with spice 😀 but even the stores get confused with packaging them and use Habenero instead which is hotless, no heat to it, i might as well be eating cucumber lol, i think my tolerance to spices is really high haha i love heat 😀

  5. Thank you sooo… much, Marco Eating! Always looking for some amazingly flavored veggie options for me and my family! So appreciate you taking the time to share this! Would love to see more! 🙂

  6. thank you for making this recipe! I bought the cookbook for my veg daughter, and she hasn’t tried anything yet, so I will suggest she make this burger and invite me to dinner!

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