The Le Creuset Technique Series with Michael Ruhlman – The Holiday Goose

In a special holiday installment of our technique series, Michael presents a classic turkey alternative, the Christmas Goose, in the ultimate cooking vessel, the one and only Goose Pot. By using a unique combination of wet and dry heat that produces tender, juicy meat on the inside and crispy lacquered skin all-around and both flavoring and warming the bird it’s own rendered fat and juices, Michael shows that goose isn’t just the tastiest seasonal centerpiece, it’s also the most efficient. And sense the cooking process produces enough stock and drippings to use long after the tree has come down, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving all year round.


  1. my Family used to eat these wonderful Birds every Christmas but the last one I roasted was SO tough and I’d never have guessed anything was roasting in my oven for no Goose aroma was in my Kitchen and the cost of Canadian frozen Geese cost the Earth. but your method of “braising” it is what I do with our Turkeys each Christmas but just try telling this to FB members, they think I’ve lost my mind. but it comes out incredibly tender and roasts in 1/4 of the time!!

  2. Can you even buy that thing still? I don’t see it on the Le Crueset website. Not that I intend to cook a small child or anything, just asking for a friend.

  3. I am doing this and cooked the goose at 180 for 3 hours- absolutely not as cooked as his is in the example. I will have to roast longer tomorrow- I wonder if he is referring to Celcius vs Farenheit? 180 Celcius is 350 Farenheit, which is closer to what I cook a turkey at when poaching Le Creuset goose pot.

  4. I love this recipe and tried to have a Goose delivered from America to Canada and no go too costly but do you know of any stores where they ship in Canada. I have found out they don’t sadly enough because our Geese are very small about 11lbs max and have no flavour. but I have been brought up on this foul and miss it so

  5. I live in Canada and have never seen any goose more than 11lbs.this farm has great looking geese 16lbs which makes me very can I pay and do they ship to Canada..the last goose I had was tasteless and Canadian produced I’m so glad I found your site …..Norm Lor 

  6. Does the cooking go without any seasoning? Is it just wine and water and only later before roasting the salt from the outside?
    I love the equipment!

  7. I have to watch a lot of these videos on the you tube channel—the bonus of doing that is you have a bunch more videos of the same series all at your fingertips in the “side” panel of you tube.

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