The Best Way to Put Up Christmas Lights

Learn my method of putting up Christmas Lights that lets you hang your lights in less than an hour, with no ladders!

Products from this video:
• White Hooks:
• DeWalt Sliding Mitre Saw:
• Waterproof Wire Connectors:
• Zip Tie Gun:
• 6″ Zip Ties:
• Soft White C9 LED Bulbs:
• Red C9 LED Bulbs:
• 100 ft C9 Stringer Line:
• PVC Pipe Cutter:

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Audio for this video by Anders Rasmusson


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  2. This is generally a great idea, especially the seperate string and lights. However, PVC gets extremely brittle in sunlight. Anyone with a painted eaves is going to have to stair at an ugly white pvc chunk on their eaves all year long. Metal isn’t any better really, but at least you can spray paint to “match” the color of your eave mostly

  3. I’m looking at this and came up with a better idea for clipping it to the house. Instead of clips, use neodymium magnets attached to the poles and metal plates attached to the house. This will make it easier to both put up and tear down. Also the metal plates can be painted to match the house and nobody would see it all year. Note: neodymium magnets come in many different strengths. It would need to be strong enough to withstand high winds.which strength to use may take just a little research.

  4. I mean I appreciate the video but… like, my fiance literally has contracts with companies that make PVC pipe for the product he manufactures and even we were like “How is this easier? It seems so much harder.”

    Looks great though and really, I guess in the long term it could be easier.

  5. I used a small nail with a head , lights easy to install and remove.
    But if you got a complicated 2 story house. I can see why this cumbersome DIy will work.Man if you u fall off that ladder u can be jacked up for life.

  6. I’ve been doing something similar on the gable of my raised ranch for years. This saves me from moving the ladder every few feet and attaching those annoying shingle tabs. I even tried attaching the plastic tabs from the roof top, but that proved to be challenging due to fact that I had to drag the bulbs across the asphalt shingles damaging some of them or stepping on them. I attached eye hooks every few feet under the eave and just need to move the 20ft extension ladder five times to hang the eye bolts attached to the PVC pipes at the same spacing. Much quicker & easier after the initial assembly.
    Great job explaining your method

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