The Best Roasted Turkey with Sage || Gastrolab Classic Christmas Menu || Christmas & New Year 2015


There is no chance to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas without Roasted Turkey! Every family has unique recipe, we can help you create your own.

Christmas Turkey || Gastrolab Classic Christmas Menu


2,6 kg Turkey
150 g. of bacon
100 g. of unsalted butter
Bunch of sage
2 heads of Garlic
freshly grounded black pepper
olive oil


Rub turkey with salt and pepper, cut butter into cubes and wrap the leaves of sage. Batonnet bacon into medium pieces.Gently spread butter with sage and bacon under the skin of turkey`s: legs, beasts, back. Stuff turkey with bacon leftovers, bunch of thyme and 2 heads of garlic. Thrust turkey wings under the breast, legs and put a cross ribbon anchoring skewer or bacon. Sprinkle with olive oil. Cook turkey in preheat to 200C oven about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Temperature in gas oven shouldn`t exceed 180 degrees.

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