THE BEST PLANT-BASED RECIPES | With Rip & Jane Esselstyn

This book is packed with some of the most delicious plant-based, vegan recipes. The Engine 2 Cookbook is here!! Check out this entertaining and enlightening interview with Rip and Jane Esselstyn!

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  1. Fantastic! Informative and inspirational. The Esselstyn cookbooks are well worth the price, each costing less than a meal from a “greasy spoon”.

  2. My 30 year old daughter has an autoimune disease and she just started a vegan diet. She lives in Greenville, SC. Is there a way you could let me know if you have any events close to her? She is not far from Ashville, SC. Thank you.

  3. Where is mommy Ann? I love her – she is a kick in the pants! LOLOL! She taought me to be a kale and collard stripper!!

  4. WE always make our own hummas – we even cook our own chick peas – NO canned because of the sodium!! I reversed my CHF!

  5. Its true. This is a wonderful cookbook. The recipes are simple, tasty and (most importantly) healthy. And the photos are gorgeous! Thank you for this fabulous addition to the fight for health!

  6. Wish I had this advice before I nearly broke a relationship with a family who don’t even want to know anything about it even though they have seen positive change from my family. we have got leaner and they keep getting larger. We don’t even have dinner together anymore.

  7. Hello! I see you eat around 3,500 calories which sounds great but I am a bit overweight and want to lose fat along with gaining muscle. Should I be eating that many calories?

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