THE BEST OATMEAL EVER! | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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A huge thank you to Simply Organic for sponsoring this video and helping me share my oatmeal story and how my mom’s cooking tips has changed the way I cook oatmeal for the better. #cookforachange #organicmoments #ad

Today I’m sharing my new and improved holiday oatmeal recipe with a “secret” ingredient that will make you fall in love with your morning oats all over again.


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  1. funny enough I actually don’t like mixing the bananas into the oatmeal.. I love topping it though! I definitely want to try making the chai spice though! Can you show us how to make a healthified chai spiced latte?

  2. I made this yday and omgggg SO GOOD! definitely a favorite oatmeal recipe now! The banana is such a great way to add some sweetness and make the oatmeal deliciously creamy. Thank you Nikole!

  3. I’ve loved oatmeal since I was a baby (so my mother always said) so I’ve never understood how anyone could hate it. I’ve never met an oatmeal recipe I didn’t like. This one looks like it would make a good overnight oats too.

  4. I am a huge fan of your videos, but I definitely have a few notes on this one: The “chai flavor” is in the tea itself, and actual chai is not made with those spices. You typically do not see cinnamon or nutmeg in Indian chai. Masala Chai might have allspice, but not the other spices. The “chai tea” you get at Starbucks, which is super redundant because chai means tea, is not AT ALL what actual Chai tastes like. To get the real flavor use half milk, half water (or I like all 2% milk, this takes longer but it is more creamy) and add crushed ginger or ginger powder and chai tea leaves. Boil until medium brown (like a coffee with creamer color) and then add sugar to taste. You could add allspice for a Masala Chai. Cheers! Thanks for making really helpful videos!

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