The BEST Moist Tender Fluffy Dinner Rolls You Will Ever Make Recipe !

These are simply the best, the most moist, tender and fluffy dinner rolls you’ll ever make !
And I promise you – you WILL agree.
Tested til perfect recipe.
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I’ll show you how to make blender rolls … what are blender rolls ? it’s just a fancy name for classic dinner rolls. These dinner rolls will be a hit at your next dinner, I guarantee it ! These bread rolls are super moist and very delicious ! They stay moist for days, which is a bonus.
This recipe is from my very good friend Karen in Wyoming.

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  1. Finally, a video of good dinner rolls made for one person or so. Others seem to make them for a function or large family. I also like the idea that you don’t have to eat all of them at one time and that stay fresh for days, as you say. One question, we don’t have a processor like you show..could this be done without one?

  2. This recipe is perfect measurements to mix in a bread machine. Add the wet ingredients, then dry, with yeast last. Set to dough cycle, and you get perfect dough. Form your rolls and bake the same way. I don’t like the name because it made me think you used a blender.

  3. hello.. I just came over to your chanel and made this today.. everything is perfect. i love the bun except I can taste or smell the oil in the bun. and I used vegetable oil. do u have any suggestions? or if I use butter will it be this soft?

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