The best fatty (no fat!) chocolate pudding raw vegan recipe! Eggfruit???

In this video I will share an amazing raw chocolate pudding recipe with a really cool fruit, eggfruit. I found this cool fruit in Tenerife, and I really LOVE it!!! Its fatty but not fat, just carbs! This chocolate pudding is really creamy and dense because of this little fruit, I just can’t believe that it is so healthy and nutritious! So if yo are looking for a really delicious gourmet vegan, raw food, high carb, low fat, paleo chocolate treat or dessert, just try this recipe!!!

Have you ever tried eggfruit? What do you think about this fruit? Please comment down below!

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  1. This whole pudding is a medicinal supplement (take 1 twice a day, am and pm), but I think I need a version with fat, because my body keeps burning it away.

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