The All Day Big Breakfast [review] (by kershaw foods)

Review, The All Day Big Breakfast (by kershaw foods)
This is the perfect pissed up food, Sober its dog shit lol.
And sorry for the length of the video but i loved every minute of it.

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As always i’ve been a fuckin awsome host and I Fuckin Love ya xxx


  1. Just subbed today after finding it now my sides hurting from laughter best laugh I’ve had for a long while it’s a just a shame I didn’t discover it sooner really always amusing to watch how real you are about the food I once had one before for convenience it’s not too bad price wise I’ve seen worse as well anyway thanks for the laughs and putting shite meals in their place 🙂

  2. Yeah totally agree brother a meal for when you are drunk! I’ve yet to come across a good micro meal? I suppose the word micro says it all though lol 😆

  3. God love you Dave, but you can be a thick cunt at times!
    The percentages on the packet are the percentage of our Recommended Daily Intake (RDA), not the percentage of what’s in the packet.
    Having said that, like Mr_Krasker said, the amount of salt in that thing is mental.
    Sleep tight.

  4. What a tray of sadness. A tin of ALPO Prime Cuts with Beef in Gravy dog food has better ingredients then that box of shit. The amount of salt is fucking outrageous, 3.1 grams of salt works out to 3100 milligrams. The recommended amount for salt intake in the US is not more the 3400 Mg per day. The ALPO price is 1 pound 16 p. Grate review my brother, love ya Chris.

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