Thai noodles with Prawns and Cinnamon recipe – Simply Nigella: Episode 1 – BBC Two

Programme website: “It’s not often that I eat something that tastes so different to anything I’ve come across.”


  1. Huge nigella fan but let’s be real here. You can’t put whole shards of cinnamon in a dish like this. Take it out of the sauce before you add the prawns.

  2. A Thai here and I understand where she’s getting at. It looks like an easier version of “baked prawns with glass noodles” It’s traditionally served in a steaming hot pot with spice in the bottom so it’s easier to eat. And we also use pork belly as the fat element and it adds that umami flavor to it.

  3. Now only if she’d let that sauce in the pan reduce abit and become sticky and remove the cinnamon shards before adding in the noodles .still this looks great

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