Testing NICKELODEON SLIME DIY Kit from Michaels Shopping! Do the Slime Recipes work?

I spotted the Nickelodeon Slime DIY Kit by Cra-z-art while shopping at Michael’s for Watermelon slime https://youtu.be/RpSkE8ybZRI?list=PLU9rzJJo0UCqZd4AEwj3TTle14Omgv17n and today I’m testing it to see if it works? Be part of the “make your own” slime craze with Cra-Z-Art’s branded Nickelodeon Slime! It includes all of the ingredients needed for kids to make their own version of the network’s iconic goo. Mix and make oooey, gooey glittering and scented fun!

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I went shopping for slime at Michael’s and I spotted the Slime Headquarters! The last time I went shopping at Michaels’ here https://youtu.be/pNpjCF8nXMU All of our stores in the area are completely out of Elmer’s glue so when I found out Michael’s had their new SLime Headquarters I stocked up on tons of ingredients to make all the slimes! Annie and I made slime on JazzyGirlstuff watch here https://youtu.be/Hi0d2162GGE Watch for fun slime making videos coming soon! Check out all the DIY Slime recipes by Michaels here http://bit.ly/2ngWkdV #spottedatmichaels


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