Tasty Homemade English Breakfast Sausage

How to make your own homemade breakfast sausage from scratch. Homemade sausage with great ingredients, make your own sausages and know exactly what goes in them and add your own twist. You can make these tasty sausages and give them to friends at Christmas..


  1. Just add your choice of herb or spice to suit your taste..if you start on the low side then fry a small amount of the mix you will know you are on the right track..you can see the sage so, as long as the distrubution is even should be fine..

  2. Hello Peter, interesting comment..the meat came from my local Morrisons who IMO, produce the best meat locally hence, they were not involved with the horse meat scandal..and, considering it would take 3 generations to remove the toxins in our bodies from vegetables..then use bio fuel 🙂

  3. Hi and thanks for the video.
    Unfortunatly you neglected to say where the meat came from and how much antibiotics and hormones are in the meat,For my part I think that such info is essential in deciding what meat I eat,After all I would not be so stupid to pour inferior fuel into my car which,although I love it,is not as precious to me as my body and health.

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