Tasting VEGAN Thanksgiving roast from Trader Joes (read discription)

Its called the breaded turkeyless stuffed roast with gravy.
Update: this is a highly processed food! We typically eat whole plant based foods.
I think for that reason I got a tummy ache the next morning 🙁
Later after having some time to think about it we both decided it wasn’t so awesome.. however, I think a non vegan would be impressed with the closeness to actually turkey. On Thanksgiving, I think we’ll be having veggies and other food and skip the faux meat!
Update update: after both of us being vegan for over a year I can say that are taste buds have definitely changed. We drove into trying different types of fake meats and cheeses and because those things are more of a special treat I get really excited about that kind of stuff. I think if you are wanting to make this for Thanksgiving for your vegan family definitely go for it


  1. I liked the taste, but my stomach hurt so bad after too. And now it’s the next day, and I still feel icky. I’m 99% sure this was the culprit. It was very oniony and garlicky. -_-

  2. I got this, and baked in the oven per directions, and it’s really good!! The gravy is also really delicious!! It has a ” Southern-style” spicy crispy batter all around it, which is delish, and the meat part is fine – it’s like a vegan “white meat”, and doesn’t freak me out at all. This is the best vegan turkey loaf I’ve tried, and I’ve tried Tofurkey also, didn’t like as much. I haven’t tried Gardein.

  3. I am so happy Trader Joe’s has this!!! I was unsure of where to find something like this and I have never tried one 🙂 I want to make those sandwiches afterwards too. MMMMM 😀 Thanks for sharing!!!

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