Taste of Italy #1: Jamie Oliver in Venice – Sorrento Express Italian Food UK

Jamie’s in Venice, getting away from the tourist traps, and experiencing the delicious authentic tastes the real Venice has to offer. Jamie tries his hand at fishing and cooks up spaghetti vongole. He learns the secret to making the best risotto in the world, and also prepares a beef carpaccio, and a perfect Venetian tiramisu.

Sorrento Express, was founded by Julia and Alfonso Amitrano and it has grown from a small scale local distributor of GIOIA CAFFE back in 1996 , to a UK national supplier and importer of mozzarella ricotta , pasta, fresh sausage and many other tipical italian products .


  1. Jamie Oliver is such a wonderful representative of our country. He’s humble enough to respect the food and the wisdom of other countries, but he doesn’t just sit there blowing smoke up their arse, he gets stuck in and is confident enough to make, and even adapt their food. A great man.

  2. I was in a club in London one night. Went to the loo and guess who was there?

    Jamie Oliver was snorting lines of olive oil with a bunch of Italian pimps and he said extra virgin bitch and slammed the door on me.

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