Tagliatelle with Quick Sausage Meat Bolognese – Gordon Ramsay

Gordon’s take on a real classic, mixing sausage meat with cherry tomatoes to make a genuine rustic treat. Perfect when you’re on the go but still want fresh and delicious food, cooked fast.

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  1. This is not Bolognese sauce 🤣🤣. Not even close. Never olive oil, only butter. You forgot minced carrot and celery. Also Bolognese is made with minced meat not sausage links. Once all is cooked down you need to add wine. What’s going on with the cherry tomatoes? Wheres the tomatoe paste? After cooking every thing down separately. Then add San Marzonos whole tomatoes is the right way. Where’s the milk or cream? Cook reduce cook reduce. It takes hrs to make Bolognese sauce not 10 minutes. What a laugh? I’m a huge GR fan but come on? This video needs to be deleted. Its embarrassing.

  2. Unfortunately this cropped in version and SO FAST 1 minute zoom lense spoils the fun in watching these recipe videos for me. If I see many more like this I will unsubscribe.

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