Super Tasty Vegan Tempeh Burger | Recipe

Whether you’re vegetarian, veg-curious or wondering what the heck to serve to your veggie friends at your next BBQ; this super tasty vegan burger is the answer.

When we went looking for a great vegan burger recipe our first stop was to Gigi Cohen, chef and personality-at-large at Cafe Juicy Lotus in Montreal’s Monkland. She offered up her coveted Tempeh Burger Recipe (it’s a big seller at the cafe) and showed us how it’s done.

Head to the freezer aisle and grab yourself some fermented tofu (so good for you), some fresh veg and flax meal and you’re ready to start making patties. Gigi says if you don’t have a food processor or blender, you can finely chop the veggies and kneed the mixture together. She also suggests that you use tinfoil under the burger to ensure you don’t lose any of that super tasty burger to the BBQ flames. Besides, vegetarians know that it’s the safest way to cook on a foreign BBQ — especially at our meat-loving friend’s house.

Finish this recipe off with some Vegan Mayonnaise (check the link at the end of the video for a recipe) and fresh produce on a toasty bun. This recipe is totally vegan and the burger itself is also gluten-free and lactose-free. Oh, and super tasty!

This is a great recipe to make ahead and pop in the freezer so you are always ready for spontaneous BBQ invitations.

Let us know if you give it a try, we’d love your review in the comments below. Or, just give us a thumbs up and share it out to all of your friends (sharing it with your BBQ party host is a stress-reducing kindness;))

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  1. Is first press and first cold press olive oil the same? I am having a problem finding the name you are using for the oil. Do you recommend a brand and where to buy it?

  2. I just made these and they’re green (not a bad thing) because I used green bell pepper, I also used some mushrooms instead of zucchini cause that’s what I had. they are pretty good! I don’t think I used enough flax meal cause mine were very moist, but I made them big and flatter than yours. I also added some additional herbs. . . . .

  3. i made this recipe for BBQ this weekend.. those burgers absolutly have no taste at all … you said they taste meaty, which is not the case. ofc after you prepare them into a burger with barbeque sauce and some vegan cheese and stuff its gets pretty good, but the burger itself isnt tasty

  4. So sorry. My first attempt was not good. I had to bake for almost half hour and still was gooey inside, and not very tasty. The only thing I was missing was the spinach. What went wrong?

  5. Disappointing – followed the directions in video and they did not turn out. Might need more than one block tempeh in US – usually they are 8 oz so if you use only 8 oz. then you’d want to half the remaining ingredients.

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