Super quick and yummy breakfast Aloo paratha by

Aloo paratha is one of the most favorite breakfast recipe from India. You can make aloo paratha with your choice of spices and method. Here I am showing recipe of one punjabi aunty who used to make these super simple yet yummy paratha while I was in my job training at Delhi, India. And from that day, I am huge fan of this type of paratha.
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  1. Thanks a lot for the lovely recipe! Though I am a punjabi but, I must say these are one of the most delicious aloo pranthas I ever made, that too with handful of ingredients!

  2. Dear crazy4veggie,

    I have watched many of your Punjabi dishes. You are a good cook, I follow plenty of youtube Gurus, you are one of them. Anyway this dish was prepared by me by mashing the potatoes after boiling and the filling would always leak out whilst rolling, your method of making a tight seal and then removing the dough is very bright idea. The removal of dough is also important as I always get filling which is not evenly distributed. But my doubt is how can you stuff so much into your dough without leaking? Anyway I shall try. You also have mixed something black in color with onions, what is that? also what is the side dish? Is it curd & mango pickle? I got aloo paratha right once only, always some taste issue was there, grating potatoes should fix my problems. I shall follow your method and tell you how it goes soon. watch out for this channel. Thanks for your good work, keep it up and happy cooking. Also I liked your dress this time, you are always in that boring violet T-shirt.

  3. Hi Snehal.Can you share some kids healthy recipe?Most of the time while travelling i worry for food.Like what food to carry for my son who is 2 years old.I always wait for your videos and also i follow your recipes most of the time.

  4. Hi Snehal.I always wait for your new videos.I follow your recipe for most of the time.Can you share some toddler healthy recipes? I really worry most of the time while travelling what food can carry for my son who is 2 year old.

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