SUPER HEALTHY FAST RAW FOOD BREAKFAST with Markus Rothkranz, Cara Brotman

Breakfast healthy, fast, raw vegan and amazing. Find out what Markus and Cara eat for breakfast to stay young, fit and sexy. It’s FAST, easy and super delicious! This is part of their famous anti-aging program. It’s what they personally eat and have been eating for the last 10 years. Watch and be inspired to a new way of living!

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  1. I had a pear, apple, orange salad for breakfast today with ground flax seeds. I like your upside down pineapple on the counter! That’s how I usually store watermelon.

  2. You two are adorable; I love the culture of honor you walk in toward each other. Cara you have a good man. I would totally wear what you do but my huggie says men are too visually stimulated and doesn’t want to “share”. Oh well, oh and thank God for Vitamix!!! Looking forward to trying your green formula. Bless you two.

  3. Nice! Thank you for the coconut opening demo! It took me too long & I gave up trying when I last tried. I might give it a go again, or use a power drill with a circular bit or something since I’m not as strong as you are. LOL

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