SUBWAY MEATBALL SUB vs HOMEMADE – Italian Herbs and Cheese Bread Recipe!

DIY Subway Bread – Is Subway really that healthy? We find out!

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  1. It makes no sense why these videos get so few views, they are properly world class, you mentioned before that youtube maybe doesn’t give priority to old channels… if so just register a new one… this should be getting 100k+ views at least

  2. Do you have cook books available to buy featuring your recipes? Your channel is phenomenal, youtube needs to do something to make it easier for genuinely superb quality content like this from older channels to get the reach and recognition it deserves. Thank you for all your effort, anyway I could support your channel to keep this content coming I will. Shared, thank you.

  3. Hey Nicko’s Kitchen.  going to give a heads up here with panerabread all the ingredients they post make it seem like it’s a healthy sandwich, until you look at the nutritional facts and compare it with other restaurant chain so if your ever in the states. just giving a heads up. i’m in a college town and the younger 20 somethings flock to panera.  all the pretty health conscious females and what not are there.  So i’m smiling and shaking my head.

  4. Subway stopped using Yoga mats in the US and I have to say their bread falls apart on you very easily now. While Firehouse doesn’t have the greatest bread either they have a good meatball that will cause you to never want Subway’s again.

  5. Came back to this video because I am attempting the homemade version for my Saturday night special tonight. 🙂 I am going to make the bread too. This should be fun. 🙂 I don’t make my own bread very often. – Heidi P.S. the end was too cute!! Missed seeing the kids but the back of his head will do. I am still amazed how big Imogen is. I remember her as a baby. 🙂

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