Stuffed Roast Chicken with Chorizo – Gordon Ramsay

Stuffing roast chicken keeps it moist and delicious. If you’re attempting this outside the UK – it cooks at 180C / 350F. Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course –
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  1. Took me an extra hour to reduce the jus to a point where it resembled the drizzle used in this tutorial. We really enjoyed the recipe though. Things worked out well in the end. Banana squash sorbet for pudding. Larrvelee .. .. ..

  2. Ji mister Rams.a question for you sir. Is it necessary that I put a lemon on the chicken or can i just do it without. LOVE TO COOK BUT am allergy to lemons. Oh by the way you have a beautiful kitchen. I wish I had a nice kitchen it would have been more fun to cook.👍

  3. Mr.Ramsay watching you cooking makes my mouth water. But being a diabetic is hard for me to eat those delicious meal.Specially since am not allow to eat spicy food

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