Step by step healthy breakfast meal prep recipe for beginners!!

Breakfast meal prep for beginners! Easy step by step instructions on how to cook yourself a healthy breakfast!

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  1. i have been lagging on getting started on this meal prep thing i’m a big guy and I’ve been on and off on eating healthy stuff but i finally got my mind set to do this lol.. your meal preps look good and you made it fairly easy to understand. thank you for that! but do you think you can do a video on how to work out for beginners like what to stretch and what you think is a good work out at home? i’m getting a gym membership soon but want something to show before i go..

  2. Do you have any meal prep ideas for leaning out ? I’ve been recently been prepping chicken Breast, brown rice and mixed veggies , and I’m kind of getting bored of that meal.

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