Step By Step Christmas Dinner For 25 I Foodie Vlogmas 2014 Day 13

A step by step guide to cooking a 3 course Christmas dinner for 4 people for £25

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The Day before 0:48
Christmas Day Morning 8:47
An hour Before Serving 12:39
40 Minutes before Serving 13:21
Serve it up 16:23

Trifle Part 1 0:51
Trifle Part 2 8:50
Trifle Part 3 12:39
Luxury Stuffing 1:47 &12:29
Cranberry Sauce 3:03
Piggies in Blankets 4:04 &12:29
Prepare the veg
Potatoes part 1 4:45 & 12:42 & 15:19

Carrots and parsnips 5:36 & 12:29
Sprouts 6:30 & 14:41 & 16:08
Prawn cocktail 10:49
Gravy 15:38

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  1. Watching this because I can’t wait for Christmas! Just a quick tip. The stuffing won’t be as wet if you don’t add water and egg. I make my own every year with sausage meat, orange and lemon zest and juice, stuffing mix to add crunch, rosemary and cranberries. But I love the message that Christmas concert doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. I actually love cooking Christmas dinner and would not let anyone else do it. Great video

  2. Hi Laura.  That was  a great video.  I am interested why you didn’t just grate some stale bread and add fresh sage to the ingredients instead of using a dried packet.  I would have thought it would give you a better result and be cheaper.  Also as well as an egg, I find adding a bit of butter is a good thing.  Also I find using different potatoes for mash (Charlotte are good) and roasties (we love Golden Wonder), give a different set of flavours as well as textures.  Just a few thoughts.  I loved your menu and all your tips.  Merry Christmas – Aaron

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