Steamed Bread Pudding Recipe | Easy Pudding Recipe | Caramelized Pudding | Bread Pudding Dessert

Requested Recipe – How to Easily make Steamed Bread Pudding Dessert | Caramelized Bread Pudding Dessert Recipe
►A simple yet delicious caramelised bread pudding made with bread slices, milk, eggs and other ingredients, best enjoyed chilled.

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1 cup = 250 ml; Tbsp. = Tablespoon = 15 ml; tsp. = teaspoon = 5 ml
500ml Milk
1 cup Sugar
5 Slices of White Bread
¼ tsp. Nutmeg Powder
5 Eggs
½ Tbsp. Vanilla Essence
For Caramel Syrup:
⅓ cup Sugar
½ cup Water

Serves: 8 -10
Preparation Time: 1hr 20mins (Refrigeration time 8 hrs)

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  1. It’s amazing what you can do with bread. if you don’t mind I will say one thing try to use vanilla extract/paste or pure vanilla bean as the essence is a chemical and not particularly good for you.. I love bread puddings 20 thumbs up for this Fatima 🙂

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