Sponge Cake Marathi Recipe

Sponge cake is such a fresh light cake for all seasons.
Christams season is the season of Cake.
From Wedding Cake to Christmas Cake every cake has basic base cake & i e soft & tender Sponze Cake
Here is the easy recipes of Sponze Cake
Sponge cake is a cake based on flour (usually wheat flour), sugar, and eggs, and is sometimes leavened with baking powder.
Sponge Cake
Ingredients :
125 gm All purpose Flour/Maida
125 gm Butter
125 gm Sugar Powder
Vanilla Essence
1 tspBaking Powder
2 Eggs

Method :
Make sure all the ingredients are in room temperature
Preheat oven
Greased the mould with handfull butter
Take butter in bowl & start beating it
Beat till light & fluffy
After 5 min start adding sugar
Beat till light & fluffy
Add eggs & beat it
Add baking powder & vanilla essence
Keep beating it
Sieve flour in the batter & mix it with cut & fold method
Put this batter in Cake Tin
Tap to set
Bake it in preheated Oven on 180 degree C 20 to 25 mins
After 25 mins do tooth pick taste
Let it cool down completely
Sponge Cake is ready to cut







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