Spaghetti with clams – Italian recipe

A classic and simple Italian staple, this quick pasta is a great weeknight meal, yet delicious enough to be served for special occasions. From GialloZafferano; Italy’s number one food website.


Hi everyone! I’m Sonia and welcome to the GialloZafferano kitchen. Today we’ll be preparing a classic Italian pasta dish. Spaghetti with clams. Let’s see what we’ll need:
• Just over 2 lbs of carpet-shell or littleneck clams
• 1 bunch of parsley
• 3 cloves of garlic • Salt to taste
• Freshly ground pepper
• Plenty extra virgin olive-oil
• 14oz of spaghetti
Let’s see how to make it.
The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the clams to remove any sand. The best way is to place them in a bowl overnight covered completely in salty water. After, rinse them well and drain the water. Then you can place them into an empty, hot pot, cover tightly, and leave them to steam until completely opened.
Our clams have opened. Now, take them off the heat and remove the clams from the juices. You’ll need to pass the juice through a fine sieve or cheesecloth so that if there is any sand left over, you’ll filter it out. With that done put a pan containing the olive oil and the garlic onto the heat.
After the garlic has become gold in colour, remove it and add to the oil the filtered clam juice. In the meantime, put the spaghetti up to cook. Now, when the clam juice has fully mixed with the oil and has reduced a bit, it’s time to add the clams, and let them sauté with the parsley and a good bit of ground pepper.
Our spaghetti is cooked. I recommend straining it while it’s still a tiny bit undercooked, and adding it to the pan to cook completely. Don’t get rid of the pasta water just yet, because the pasta will actually finish cooking in the pan and it’s good to add a bit of the starchy water at a time to keep the pasta moist until it’s finished.
Our beautiful plate of Spaghetti with Clams is ready. A last sprinkling of parsley, and you’re ready to serve. From Sonia and GialloZafferano, see you next video recipe!


  1. You seem to love portuguese food but forget to mention Spanish food. Portuguese food isn’t bad but it just casn’t compete with Spanish food 😉

  2. @LIVVORNNO thanks for your elaboration on portuguese does take a lot of time because you have to build layers of flavour before the final deliscious product which is savory and simply untouchable by italian cuisine standards.portuguese food is not marketed so it is not know but for those who’ve had some samples they are in disbelief at how great the taste is.

  3. @fearedlegend yes , youre right portuguese food is the best in the world for sure , but it takes time to do , so is not so marketed , very underrated , we have variety , and our food is very very tasty , agressive , heavy , awesome , italian and chinese it lacks in flavour….

  4. @sandrodream1 italian food is sooo simple , so instinctive , anyone can do this…. but if you try portuguese food , there are little secrets , differente ingredients , different basis , variety….

  5. @sandrodream1 rissotto???don’t make me laugh.our seafood rice has a variety of shellfish and prawns and tastes like heaven.italians drown to much of their food with melted cheeses,tomato sauce and cream based portugal we prefer a broth based sauce that is created by stirring the meat(or fish) on a base of extra virgin olive oil,onion,garlic,small amount of diced tomatoe,bay leaf,ground cloves,salt,pepper and white wine.99 times better than italian if you know what you doing.arriverdeci

  6. @sandrodream1 again you are dreaming.i know you believe italian food and wine is best but it’s not even close.italian food is only famous in countries that dont have their own food culture such as canada where i live.chinese food is even more popular but it’s not very good.italian food is famous here because it’s so heavily’s good food but mostly nothing special.fiji curry is 100 times better than indian curry but the indian variety is more famous.greece yes has better food.egypt????

  7. @sandrodream if you want to try any portuguese dish you have to come to can stop using the word vongola and try saying”clams”so everyone can understand.i hate to tell you but by using italian words isn’t going to make taste any better.i doubt very much that your “only in italy”clams and pasta can make the dish the best of all.i it comes down to other ingridients and the way it’s cooked.regardless,we have a “seafood rice”that is much better(arroz de marisco)than any italian pasta.

  8. @sandrodream1 you never know which version tastes best until you’ve tried the top two or underestimate portuguese’s not just “good”it’s simply amazing.the best places are not the ritzy restaurants but the small homey places.for those that had portuguese food they know what i’m talking about.for those that havn’t it’s a diamond waiting to be discovered.we can make the rubber sole of an old sneaker taste like is one thing we have mastered.

  9. @sandrodream1 like i said in portugal we do it much better.i’m not sure if you’re implying that this is the original recipe but if it is then it’s not the best.the original is not always the best.sometimes alterations will vastly improve the portugal we do a dish called pork and clams.just like in italy different regions alter one or two ingredients but the dish is always amazing.most people will argue that their region’s is the best.even the original recipe will change with difrent cook

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