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South Indian Breakfast

This video shows how to organise cooking a complete Breakfast .

Tips For

Select Menu , Pre Preparations, Cook Fast , Use Minimum Vessels ,Clean Vessels , Arrangements…


* Rava kesari. * Idly * Ven pongal * Rava Vadaai. * Sambar * Coconut chutney. * Spicy chutney *. Idly Podi

Annapoorani Amman Pooja shooting and dinning buffet arrangement by my lovely daughter ..

Check Gowri Samayalarai For

Rava kesari

Tiffen Sambar

Coconut chutney

Spicy chutney

Rava Vadaai

Ven pongal

Idly batter

Idly podi

How to store graded coconut

How to store Curry coriander leaves

Dhal cooking method

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