Soft Christmas Party Music :) Music mix of Soft Relaxing Christmas Songs

Soft Christmas Party Music – Music mix of Soft Relaxing Christmas Songs

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Holiday Music Set

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  1. Merry Christmas! This reminds me of the good times and memories i have had in my life so far. I love it! It calms me down when I need it and when I’m in a bad mood for no reason at all! I love the rhythm and beat to it and how soft it is, and that it’s instrumental! 2017-2018 Merry Christmas and To All A Good Night!- Santa Claus🎅

  2. Beautiful music just for the peace and harmony we need for this time of the year.Gad bless everyone and this Christmas and the rest of the new year.feliz navidad.

  3. keep it going . . .there are still people like us who appreciate good, soft , mellow and spiritual music . . .the stuff that makes you sit back and let your mind wander until the sounds of melody soothes your spirit . . .and then the melodies bring back the emotion into a different high  . . .an appreciation level nothing can surpass . . . keep it going and good work

  4. Wow… this is totally the most relaxing, enjoyable & meditative video i’ve heard in a very very long time. Many thanks & Blessings to you for posting:-) God Bless.

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