Smokey Black Bean & Mushroom Burger | High Protein Vegan Recipe

My current favourite vegetable burger recipe for vegans and others whether wanting to replenish the muscles after a hard workout or just wanting a deliciously healthy, hearty meal.

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  1. I love, love, love the little burger maker toy.
    As for the best vegan burger I ever made, that’s a tough one.
    I love making black bean and beet burgers but really, I love them all.
    Though I didn’t care for any of the vegan veggie burgers at Aldi.
    Well, except for the black bean. It wasn’t as good as homemade but I don’t mind it in a pinch.
    Overall though, Aldi’s kinda sucked. We’re getting a Lidl (spelling?), this year.
    Can’t wait to see what they have.
    Anyway, great video Hench. I love that you and your honey bunny work together.
    That’s the best!

  2. Yummy!, When I first went vegan I was looking for things with chickpeas and I found your chickpea burger recipe and I still make that and find different ways to make them all the time.
    I will have to make these now as well.

  3. Hench would you trust black beans (in a bag, dried) from Ocado? Alot of negative reviews because they originate from China and possible contamination from polluted soils etc. What do you think? Also thanks for the bomb recipe, need me a burger press now! Ha peace brother 😎💪👊

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