Slow Cooker Italian Chicken (SO easy and so yummy!)

I just love easy slow cooker meals! Slow Cooker Italian Chicken is about as easy as slow cooker meals come. You just plop in a bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts, pour on a bottle of your favorite Italian dressing, cover for about 4-6 hours and BAM! wonderful home cooked dinner for your family! This can also be an easy freezer meal. This recipe is both Trim Healthy Mama Friendly + Low Carb.

Click here for the full Slow Cooker Italian Chicken Recipe on my blog

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  1. this has become my favorite go to meal! I love to add broccoli to it the last 30-45 mins and it’s so good.

    I also save and freeze the broth that’s leftover for soups this winter 🙂

  2. Love italian chicken. I personally break my chicken up in to small baggies and put the dressing in each bag and freeze, then let them thaw and marinate overnight. Then bake on 350. I find if I dont use a ton of the dressing but just enough it will thicken by itself into a sauce. Yum…so good.

  3. That probably tastes much better than it looks because Italian vinaigrette dressing is a very good seasoning. However, that deathly-white chicken looks awful. It should have been thawed, marinated overnight and browned, then served with a thickened pan sauce.

  4. Just came across your channel yesterday and subbed right away! I love your videos! And here I am again tonight, hooked on your channel! I’m a mom of three so I have plenty to learn from you! Thank you for ever making a channel for moms like me that need guidance in so much! 😘😘 may God continue to bless you and your beautiful family

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