Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs – Gordon Ramsay

Here is how you take a cheap cut and turn it into an impressive and delicious dish.

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  1. Looks beautiful.. but there is no such thing as a cheap cut of meat these days.. all the old school, shin, rib, brisket , belly pork ect have joined prime cuts for price as we have learnt how to make them taste great

  2. This is turning me on. Dwl. Omg. I saw this video a few months ago on a food page’s network and couldn’t take the beef off my mind. I had to find this video and watch it again.

  3. love Gordon Ramsay and how great that he shares a bit of his magic with us!!! We made these the first time and we weren’t thrilled with how tough the ribs were so we put them and the sauce in the crock pot overnight and the next day….oh my the broth was to die for and the meat obviously was tender like pulled pork. The next time i tried the recipe I listened AND read the instructions…HA! we set the oven to 170degs just like Gordon said but farenheit not celsius! I suppose that makes quite a difference and undoubtedly explained the “tough” ribs on the first go around!! The ribs are in the oven now at the right temp and we’ll see what a difference that makes….:) sigh, a rookie husband trying to cook…scary!

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