Slimming World Recipes Syn Free | Quick & Easy Breakfasts

Slimming World Friendly Syn Free Breakfasts | Make It Mondays
3 syn free, quick, easy, convenient brekkys to enjoy on the Slimming World Plan.

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  1. I struggled with slimming world, breakfasts ideas where a struggle as I leave to take kids to my mums as she is my child care and take my o/h to work. Good ideas I might go back to slimming world.

  2. Thank you for giving me some different ideas for breakfast. I am a target member but like to stay at the low end. I’ve just had 2 small gains for no other reason than I’m disabled so cannot wizz around burning off calories. I lost 3 stone though but it was very slow coming off again for the same reason. I’ve struggled coming up with different ideas for breakfasts. You’ve given me some so a big thank you. I can measure out & they are ready for fruit & yoghurt 😊

  3. Hi Donna, Lovely ideas for breakfast. I love oatmeal with 1/2 banana and a little Splenda for breakfast. It seems to keep me from getting hungry before lunch time.  Well, today is my Week 3 Weigh In. I lost 1 lb. Doesn’t sound like much but I ate out every day this past week, picked about 30 lbs of cherries by myself (and probably ate the same lol) … and since it was my birthday, my mom bought a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. So, of course I had to eat it. lol I did eat a chili burger today for lunch, but ate less than half and only about 5 of the tator tots, so I’ll eat a light dinner. I love your vids. I hope you keep them coming. Deb

  4. Brilliant ideas Donna cant wait for next one. Love ON oats but I am useless at omelettes and frying eggs in frylight always come out scrambled lol x

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