Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

I dedicate this to my Uncle Paul who died from diabetes two years ago on Easter day. Dr cousins is the MD in this film, I bought his book it’s a 21 day step program with the same recipes here. But anyone can message me for them.


  1. Loved this movie. I do not eat processed foods except potato chips and drink 300 mils of wine each night. High cholesterol and sugars genetic. Not overweight . Off to buy raw food recipe book now. Keitha in NZ

  2. @TheDrLeviathan Did anyone go through a herxheimer healing crisis using the raw food diet? Is it possible to do this without having such a healing crisis? Thanks. THis video gives me hope for my body and a way to get a cure from GOd’s foods and herbs.

  3. Insulin is a huge profit pig for these pharmaceutical companies this is why they say “ there is no cure for diabetes “ …. it all starts with a lifestyle change , diabetes should be the motivation for a lifestyle change , a wake up call . Insulin is a disease , it’s a drug that causes hardening of the arteries and fills pharma pockets …. dump the insulin and give your body a chance

  4. Look at all the geniuses here claiming you can’t reverse T2 diabetes quoting crap they dont understand. The EVIDENCE is the pancreas is creating ENOUGH insulin that they don’t required medication. The pancreas could NOT keep UP with the demand when FAT was blocking the cells from letting the insulin IN. So YES, it’s REVERSED as long as you stop being FAT, and stop eating CRAP and let the body REPAIR itself with real food.

  5. *I knew about this (Link Here==****  ) when my buddy introduced it to me to manage my weight as well as diabetes. I had been following a strict and doing exercise regularly. After one day on the diet my blood sugar was down about 35 points, and by day 4 it was down about 60 points. It does work and it enhanced my condition. I can’t be happier having my blood sugar in a good level already.*

  6. *My partner and i took the guidance of a colleague and researched (Link Here==****  ). It is the greatest weight loss program I’ve ever seen and gives immediate results to users. Within a week, I’ve already decreased 14 lbs.*

  7. Awaah am so happy for everyone one of you that took the leap and changed your health and lifestyle. Am starting on it too and going to get my Diabetic Mum to join too. Thank you so so much.

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