Simple Vegan Pizza Recipe

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  1. I was told that daiya “cheese” tastes like shit! Nevertheless, I’ll be trying my first vegan pizza tomorrow which has … daiya cheese. I noticed that you’re also from Canada and you’re using some PC brand items. Does Loblaws carry whole grain pizza crust? I bought mine at Farm Boy.

  2. Nice pizza ..:) you know , you can use organic can of crushed tomatoes and basil as pizza sauce , the crushed tomatoes work great as sauce .. Instead of pay more for bottle stuff . Anyhoo the pizza looks yummy ! Cya ..:))

  3. I love pizza too. Portia’s cafe probably has pizza now that I think about it. I probably need to drink more water. I’m thinking about going vegan after watching forks over knives. I’m doing it for health reasons, I’m over weight. I’m 175 and I’m 5’1. My mom is inspiring me to do this. Cheese is really bad for you.

  4. Oh my god you’re so right on finding something you like and sticking to it with a whole month or two I’m a vegan bodybuilder and I always do that love your videos by the way going to makes some pizza tonight with my girlfriend thanks 🙂

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