Simple Italian Vol. 5 Portobello Mushroom Risotto

Chef Marco Perugini grew up in an old school Italian household, speaking Italian as his first language, and food as his second. His father, Salvatore Perugini Sr. trained to cook professionally in the country of Switzerland and taught his son everything he knows. It is time for Marco to pass down what he learned into the households of anyone he can. For almost 30 years, Perugini’s Italian Restaurant was a staple in the town of Walcott, Connecticut; run by Sal and his sons, Marco and Sal Jr., it was a family affair. Night after night the restaurant was filled with people from all over the state sitting down and having a meal with their friends and families. After the restaurant, Marco and his brother Sal began to market their marinara sauce showing that you can eat healthy, even out of a jar. No preservatives, pastes, or anything unnatural was inside of that jar, just pure ingredients with a taste that is out of this world. Sal and Marco also opened up an Italian specialty store in their hometown of Watertown, showcasing specialty Italian dinners, gelato, pastas, espresso, and more. 
The love of the culture is what keeps Marco going, so now we give to you this channel where Chef Marco will feature simple and easy dishes, with the most authenticity, spreading his love for his culture and food into your home where hopefully you can start passing down recipes into your families.

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