Simple Indian Style Spicy / Healthy Egg Noodles Recipe / Tiffin Box Recipe – By Jai Padhu

Anyone can Cook Easy by Jai Padhu
Indian recipes are very easy to make and it is very healthy as well as too tasty to eat.

Steps to Make :

Step 1 : Add onion , curry leaves and green chilly
in a pan. Fry it well

Step 2 : Add the cabbage to it and fry it well.

Step 3 : Add 2 Spoons ofginger garlic paste and
fry it well till raw smell get rid of it.

Step 4 : Now add chopped tomatoes
and cook it well

Step 5 : Add all the masalas to it and mix it well
Add salt for taste

Step 6 : Now add the eggs to it and mix it well

Step 7 : Now add the boiled noodles to it
and mix it well.

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