Shortcut sausage meatballs – Nigellissima – Episode 5 – BBC Two

Watch more Nigellissima recipes: Instead of making a meatball mixture with minced meat or meats, parmesan, garlic and egg, I simply squeeze the stuffing out of about half a kilo of Italian sausages and roll it into cherry tomato-sized balls.


  1. Her US show didnt take off so shes come bk to UK with her tail between legs, her new shows called Simply Nigella but she should have called it “Humble Nigella”.

  2. I love you. There i said it Nigella Lawson. You really are a replica of my mum, who passed away years ago, god rest her soul. U are there exact replica. Brings tears to my eyes as i happily watch your cooking shows and its like my mum is with me again. Your cooking styles, personality, characteristics, cunningness in food recipes, recipe enhancement & innovative abilities, homemaking etc. She was a foodie too a super foodie. Thank you.

  3. occasionally i do this with a jar of San Marzano sauce.
    it is a guilty pleasure to just open a pack of sausage and a jar of sauce and call it a night

  4. Omfg some of you guys are soooo annoying with your fucked up mood comments, i bet all you are able to do is heating up a frozen pizza but yeah haters gonna hate right?

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