Sherry Trifle

Chef Mooney is getting ready for Christmas with this sherry trifle


  1. I wish you put the recipe (qty and set times etc) somewhere like in the description. Otherwise, this turns into guess work, which leads to fuckups and ruined dishes.

  2. I love trifle! What an enjoyable video this was to watch. I think it’s so important that a trifle tastes like a traditional trifle as we know it but I think it’s even better if it can look a little fresher and more modern! I hope you might like my version of a traditional trifle 👩🏻‍🍳🎂✨✨

  3. I hope this guy Mr Moonbeam tells us the correct quantities. I’ve sat through umpteen videos waiting for the muppets to say how much milk, how much cream, sugar and if the custard will the pourable or thick. Please tell me you’re going to use the old weighing system eg. 6 oz , half pint or ? I boil (‘scuse the pun) when they say pour the milk, add the cream… oh my! And they don’t say how much…steam coming from my ears.

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